January 11, 2013 — Jewish CoFounder of Reddit Aaron Swartz “Commits Suicide” Amid the Threat of a Prolonged Prison Sentence. He was caught for hacking, just like Imran Awan. Except that the data Swartz exfiltrated was taxpayer-and-tuition-funded, public data behind an unethical Academic Paywall

If anything, those 31 House Democrats protecting Imran Awan with out of a misplaced sense of political correctness (“conservative islamaphobic youtubers and conspiracy theorists of the alt-right”), using Awan brothers’ minority hood as a falsevictimhood narrative to shield their own wrongdoing, when juxtaposed with and in the context of Aaron Swartz, is actually starkly ANTI SEMITIC.  Isn’t it?  No really.  This one is a thinker folks.  How could it be otherwise?  Unless….maybe Swartz wasn’t in a special club…

Aaron Swartz did far less of a crime than the Awans, and unlike Imran he did so to add light, not heat to the world.

This is why Aaron remains a technopopulist hero of our times. It’s also why our government killed him.  They hate populism: look at Trump.  In fact, this comparison is even more salient considering Swartz’ net worth at present would have been in the billions–he would have been billionaire on near-equal footing with President Trump.   I hope that’s a cautionary tale to any of you elites out there that may be reading this.  They’re not just killing poor people but billionaires as well.  Get your mind right, left coast.

We miss you Aaron.