July 17, 2017 — DNC Fraud Lawyer Elizabeth Beck Interview on Infowars — Afraid for her Life, She Blows Open Connections Around Clinton Foundation and Recent Body Counts

From other interviews with George and Jason, we know the Becks to be very funny, animated people who just want the Truth and Justice for their clients–the American people.

Well that attitude abruptly changed with Owen Shroyer’s Infowars interview, as the consequences of the DNC lawsuit–the death of a friend–as well as threats to the Becks (robot voice change DWS) hit a little too close to home.

Here is Elizabeth’s “I’m just a lawyer” moment. We shared in that brave but difficult moment to understand the real impact the deepstate gangsters are having on ordinary people.

We all stand by the Becks’ bravery in speaking out against these criminals who are a threat to every one of us

She’s wrong though about unstoppable ‘the forces of evil’.  There’s more good in the world than bad–that’s why we fight.  It’s just a few bad apples.  The crowd will suss them out. It’s a foregone conclusion.  No brakes: you can’t stop this train of Justice

Fiat justitia ruat caelum