August 5, 2017 — DWS: Anyone who says there’s a Spy Ring in Congress is Racist. Because Bigot.

Forget Facts. Forget mountains of ishy incongruencies.  Ya’ll Racist.

Muslim names are hard. Something something virtue signalling, something something psychological projection, something something smear, something straw man, something adhom, something hide the biscuit

Like a psychological ninja on-the-run, but replace caltrops and smoke grenades for evasive maneuvers with media distractions, hurricanes, and get an operative to run over a crowd of people.  I call that last move  ‘crowdstrike auto’.  Yep that Auto do it.

Of course the problem with using political correctness as a “dodge” is that we’ve seen what comes of that: complacency.  It didn’t work out for the UK, and it wont’ work out for us either



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