August 23, 2017 — Publishes Article on Imran “Would Have Done Anything For Money” Awan, Making Several Updated Claims

EXCLUSIVE: Pictured, the Democratic IT aide charged with fraud in Congress ‘hacking’ scandal as relative says he ‘would have done anything’ for money – including selling data

‘They were not living an honest life. They were living like they were gangsters.’  –Syed Ahmed

Imran has an ankle bracelet

Article raises the Democrat count to 60 staffers who have employed the Awans.

The article claims Imran is a naturalized citizen.  This is likely false, given other reports and facts that have emerged in this investigation.

Especially since in subsequent article, Imran reportedly has 2 wives, according to a relative, ‘under islamic law’ living in Virginia with him.  This would be of course illegal in the U.S. So either he’s committed polygamy or he’s still here on an indefinite diplomatic visa as a spy.  He gets to choose.  I’m betting on the latter.