August 30, 2017 — Judge Tanya Chutkan Presiding over Both Awan and FusionGPS Dossier Cases, Refuses to hear George Webb, Grants Protective Orders for Awans

Judge Tanya Chutkan (Awan and FusionGPS Dossier), Refused to hear George Webb, Grants Protective Orders for Awans. 2 Yrs Ago she complained about FOIA obstructionism. What changed?

Judge Tanya Chutkan has

1) Delayed or ‘lost’; and denied George Webb’s filing of motions to intervene on valid merits

2) In the denial, She used a ‘not a journalist’ basis which is fraudulent. George has been a journalist for 320+ days, and even the press recognizes it as so (see trello board 30+ media mentions of ‘investigative journalist’).

There are no ‘official’ or ‘legal’ certifications for being a ‘journalist’ other than calling oneself a journalist and practicing journalism…he’s over 5TB of data to prove he’s a journalist.  Citizen journalism and video journalism are valid forms of journalism in the court of public opinion and language and if that doesn’t count then nothing counts.

This very process he is documenting IS JOURNALISM.  Get over yourself, Judge Chutkan, or you’re going to be held by the public in contempt of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of the press; it grants standing in the case of national security; and implicitly grants the right to convene a Grand Jury

The most salient feature about this situation is that Not 2 years prior to this denial-of-journalism attack, the same Judge Tanya Chutkin virtue-signaled very strongly and publicly condemning obstructionism and slow-footing with regard to FOIA requests.  Is she a fake?  Is she a shill for the corrupt establishment? or an enormous hypocrite?  Review her complaint and decide for yourself.