September 7, 2017 — In Defense of the Political Elite Caste, Frmr Spy Ring Revelator Louie Gohmert Flipped by False Optics of DWS as Victim // a Pawn Sacrifice of Imran

[911Bodysnatchers322 Op-Ed]

Louie Gohmert would NOW have you believe that DWS is a victim of a cunning manipulator who has essentially ‘cuckholded’ her, and thus is not culpable for any part of this spy ring.  Problem with that is that we have their emails, and we know they’ve been using a private email server illegally.

Now if you buy this new Gohmert narrative, then you don’t understand that Politicians have historically used people-of-color as human shields to their advantage, using social justice as a shield or a weapon–depending on the context. 

Gohmert believes the public is so stupid it will ignore the mountains of evidence that implicate DWS on this timeline…as well as the 31 AwanCrats as willing participants in this spy ring. 

That said, yes, it’s possible they are not the orchestrators but victims of blackmail leverage–the fact remains they were tacitly complicit and deeply cowardly. We know who was running this spy ring.  It’s Hillary

But because of their cowardliness, corruption, these politicians have steadily signed away OUR rights, incrementally, for decades; because they could not help but allow corruption to rule their lives and for avarice to tempt them into wrongdoing.