September 7, 2017 — Imran was still Backing up Congressional Data After He was Banned From Congress. Awoo woo!

A new Daily Caller article emerges after George Webb offers up a very valid working theory of Imran surrogates ‘running a wire’ over the ceiling to a congressional closet where a ‘planted bag’ (no, dropped bag) of Imran-damning evidence was reportedly found. His theory suggests the laptop was used in that obsolete phone closet to subvert the secure system and exfiltrate nighly backup data from a connected backup server in the high voltage room to the Hawkshead house.

Shortly after Webb publishes this theory on youtube, Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller published an article, around midnight or so, saying OH YES, the Prosecution says, THERE WAS AN EXTERNAL BACKUP. UM. YEAH LETS ADD THAT TO DISCOVERY.

Between Daily Caller and True Pundit articles, George has consistently demonstrated a pattern of forcing officials and deep state ‘narrative revisionists and contortionists’ to respond to his investigation’s findings, and not helping him or presenting any new revelatory information of their own initiative. Why is that? One might dare to call it slow-footing.  Another might call it obstructionism.  Some few may even call it Gaslighting.