September 7, 2017 — George Webb’s Analysis of DailyCallers’, “Did Imran Want Police to Find DWS’ Laptop?” Article

The thing is when you get the leaks, when people leak stuff out to you, got to realize that they want you to tell their version of events. They don’t want you doing this [digging deeper]. They don’t want you looking at who else had a motive for proving their innocence. They don’t want to look at who else had control of this floor. They don’t want you going through any of this analysis. They want you to write the article that says, “I think Imran planted the evidence about himself,” right? –George Webb, in a cautionary statement to Spoonfed Journalists

* You could say that the person who committed the crime put the evidence there to incriminate themselves, which is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life
* Or you can say the person who was innocent, who was going to be blamed for the crime, put evidence there to prove their innocence, which makes complete sense, complete sense

* Yes all thieves they go plant stuff when they when they commit a crime, they go back to the scene of the crime and they plant stuff
* So this is a serious thing
* I mean I think it’s been reported on Infowars
* It’s been reported in Daily Caller
* It’s been reported in all these different news outlets that the conspirators we’re gonna go back to the scene of the crime and plant stuff
* No no that’s not what happened
* It’s a dropped bag it’s a dropped bag when conspirators are in the middle of stealing crap they drop the bag they think they’re gonna get caught

* Now the letter [allegedly FROM IMRAN] to the US Attorney I believe it’s gonna be written by Mensa, saying, hey look I found this equipment here I was on a on a random whatever going through doing my random checks I saw this equipment here wasn’t spoken for seems out of place boom here’s a letter to the US Attorney
* You want that to be found if you don’t trust the US Attorney
* If you sent something the US Attorney and…you thought well maybe Steve Wasserman works at the US Attorney’s Office I’m not so sure, or, Channing Phillips works out with the unit US Attorney’s office I’m not so sure I want to be turning my and all this stuff into them–I think I also want the Capitol Police to have a copy of this US Attorney’s letter
* ***This is really going to be a fly in the ointment with the US attorney because it proves without a shadow of a doubt that Mensa was acting as a good guy here***

911bs: Coupled with all the mountains of evidence left along with the forged letter, Imran is caught dead-to-rights, but Mensa (or whomever) has left a breadcrumb for anyone who is doing ‘actual’ intelligence analysis that would exonerate him, without revealing his cover.  Smart whistleblower trick that uses plausible deniabilty so that the “diplomatic underground’ won’t, you know, murder you.