September 14, 2017 — We find out FBI Paid $100K+ For PeePee Dossier, which was leveraged to Gaslight FISA Court, leveraged to initiate RussiaGate Probe Of President Trump

This is included on the AWAN timeline because you have to understand that the FBI is FAR TOO BUSY CREATING FAKE CRIME to actually do their F*(#&@(# Job, which is to eliminate the now-obvious AWAN SPY RING IN THE CONGRESS.

Also, they are too busy NOT releasing Hillary, Abedin’s, Awan’s server contents so that the crowd can figure it out (since they don’t have the time—again too busy creating fake crimes like peeppee dossier, jallohs, christmas tree bombing, etc).  They are also too busy NOT releasing Clinton Foundation hidden donor network, or open society foundation recipient networks.  They are too busy to properly fulfill FOIA requests of watchdog groups like Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, as well as investigative journalists.  They are too busy to actually seize crowdstrike servers as implements of election related crime, which is actually considered espionage because it’s a fraud perpetrated against the US Government and its infrastructure

All of these gripes are actually directly related to the Awans as well. You’ll see. The common denom IS the fbi, cia and intelligence community in america.