The purpose of this website is to create a timeline of events related to the Awan Brothers Investigation, which is also an investigation of those who employed the staffers, those related to the staffers by family or business. The site was inspired by the Awan Brother’s Timeline article posted by Telescreen Media on Medium.

The site draws upon the generous work of others, namely George Webb and his researchers; Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller; Thomas Paine of True Pundit; Lee Stranahan of thepopulist.us;  Jason Goodman and Trish Negron of Crowdsource the Truth; Lionel Nation; Politico; TheGatewayPundit; Dilyana Gaytanshiva; HRCRatline crew on Twitter; Brainy Blonde, Joe Napoli, Chrissi, Mike Ramo of Truthleaks.org, ByeGone, MacJ, Joey’s Cleaning lady, Farmer Jones, Dagwood, Quinn Michaels, Dave Acton, 911bodysnatchers322   ; Sibel Edmonds of Newsbud; Glenn Greenwald of the Intercept; “French Mossad”; “Old Mossad”; Deep Uranium/Hudson; Uranium 5 and various other deep operatives helping us–helping everyone really; VC Bestor, Magnora7, J_Dillinger the ‘Distillers’; Senator Grassley; Rep Louie Gohmert; Mr. Jason Chaffetz; Mr. Trey Gowdy; Mr. Dennis Kucinich; Rep DeSantis; the Thompson Timelinereddit’s truthleaks sub contributors  with chickyrogue, 10gauge, quantumcipher, martinimeow;  the Awan map; countless whistleblowers, youtube hosts in the Alt Media covering the Awan Story. You’ve all been vindicated. If I left anyone out I didn’t mean to.

A special mention and thanks to Andre Taggart and ‘follow the money’ Eric Braverman, wherever you are.

At the time of this writing, we’re just dumping into a wordpress blog, putting it together as fast as I/we can.  Oh dammit there’s an ugly orange bar right here I forgot to turn off on this page.  Sigh.  Apologies for the appearance of the site at any time.