2003 — Attar: Iraqi Policy Advisors “greeted as liberators.”

Dr. Ali A. Al-Attar tells The New York Times that “he was one of four people chosen by General Garner to re-establish the Iraq Ministry of Health, and that he expected to be called to Baghdad next week. Dr. Ali A. Al-Attar advises President George W. Bush’s key Iraq policy advisors that U.S. forces would be “greeted as liberators.” Source: Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer.  Not an exact Date


2007 — Hina Alvi added to Congressional Payroll

Hina Alvi, Imran Awan’s wife, is added to Capitol Hill payroll. Rao Abbas, Imran Awan’s best friend, joins the payroll as well. Rao Abbas had previously lost his job at McDonalds. Note: IT services on the hill are a cost center. This means that each elected official can decide who he/she employs for IT services and the IT professional bills the elected official’s office for services.

2009 — FBI searches Dr. Abdul Fadul offices after he was suspected of submitting false claims

2009 — FBI searches Dr. Abdul Fadul offices after he was suspected of submitting false claims to insurance companies using the names of Egyptian Embassy employees. Federal investigators seize bank statements, computers and patient files, but no criminal charges are ever brought against Fadul or his partner, Dr. Ali Al-Attar. Al-Attar isn’t named in the civil suit.

2012 — Abid Awan declares bankruptcy

Abid Awan manages to keep ownership of two houses while telling the bankruptcy court and creditors that he has no assets with which to pay them. He signs a sworn statement that he and his wife, Natalia Soba, are living apart and need separate residences. Debts to creditors go unpaid to the tune of $1 million in liabilities.

2012 — Abid Awan, is observed in Beirut, Lebanon conversing with Dr. Ali A. al-Attar

2012 — Abid Awan, is observed in Beirut, Lebanon conversing with an Dr. Ali A. al-Attar, an Iraqi political figure who is wanted by the US authorities and has been linked to Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Middle Eastern terrorist outfit. Abid Awan receives a loan from al-Attar for the amount of $100,000 said to be for the business Cars International A, LLC. Later in sworn testimony Nasir Khattek, who operated an established car dealership next door to CIA, testifies that the Abid Awan’s dealership’s financial books are a sham.

January 11, 2013 — Jewish CoFounder of Reddit Aaron Swartz “Commits Suicide” Amid the Threat of a Prolonged Prison Sentence. He was caught for hacking, just like Imran Awan. Except that the data Swartz exfiltrated was taxpayer-and-tuition-funded, public data behind an unethical Academic Paywall

If anything, those 31 House Democrats protecting Imran Awan with out of a misplaced sense of political correctness (“conservative islamaphobic youtubers and conspiracy theorists of the alt-right”), using Awan brothers’ minority hood as a falsevictimhood narrative to shield their own wrongdoing, when juxtaposed with and in the context of Aaron Swartz, is actually starkly ANTI SEMITIC.  Isn’t it?  No really.  This one is a thinker folks.  How could it be otherwise?  Unless….maybe Swartz wasn’t in a special club…

Aaron Swartz did far less of a crime than the Awans, and unlike Imran he did so to add light, not heat to the world.

This is why Aaron remains a technopopulist hero of our times. It’s also why our government killed him.  They hate populism: look at Trump.  In fact, this comparison is even more salient considering Swartz’ net worth at present would have been in the billions–he would have been billionaire on near-equal footing with President Trump.   I hope that’s a cautionary tale to any of you elites out there that may be reading this.  They’re not just killing poor people but billionaires as well.  Get your mind right, left coast.

We miss you Aaron.

Feb 2016 — Rep. Yvette Clarke signs form removing $120,000 in IT equipment tracking system on behalf of Awan Staffers

Feb 2016 — Chief of Staff for Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY) signs a form removing $120,000 worth of missing IT equipment from a House-wide tracking system after one of the Awan brothers alerts the office the equipment has gone. $120,000 is 1/10 of annual IT budget. It is not clear whether the Chief of Staff at the time was Anderson or Davis.

May 4, 2016 — Garret Bonosky access question informs Kroll knowledge of Imran’s Access to Debbie Wasserman-Shultz’s IPAD

May 4, 2016 — Garret Bonosky, deputy director of the DNC, writes in an email: “Amy — I will call you shortly. I have to get this ipad thing figured out. Need to make sure I have her username and password.” — DNC Assistant to the Chair Amy Kroll responded: “I do not have access to her ipad password, but Imran does.”

July 12, 2016 — Sanders inexplicably endorses Hillary

…And in the processes, alchemically converts some small percentage of his supporters into highly toxic kryptonite, potentially capable of bringing down entire government-infiltrated crime networks through memes, agility and open source intelligence.

Anyway, this endorsement proves Sanders did something very bad for HRC to have this kind of weird leverage on him. People have speculated walnut sauce dominoes on pizza on a pile of dusty wool coats at the back of a Burlington Coat Factory in Secaucus NJ. But that’s not it apparently. Just a Clinton-server affiliated Data Center Company though.  A for effort. We found out what it was a few months back. If you’re on the edge of your seat, skip down to June 29, 2017 to find out

November 1, 2016 — Shawn Lucas’ cause of death released

According to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner of Washington D.C., this is the cause and manner of Shawn Lucas’ death. The office released the information to Heavy on November 1:

Cause: Combined adverse effects of fentanyl, cyclobenzaprine, and mitragynine
Manner: Accident

“However, Lucas’ death has now been labeled an accident as a result of a combination of drugs, including kratom.”

That sentence with “kratom” means that the authorities want you to think he was irresponsible and so he died and it’s his fault. Kratom is a twilight language for “stupid user” when in fact its fentanyl.

No one who has studied this case thinks that Shawn Lucas took those drugs himself.

November 13, 2016 — Grand Jury empaneled: US v Imran Awan and wife Hina Alvi for Conspiracy, Perjury and Fraud

November 13, 2016 — Grand Jury is empaneled regarding Imran Awan. Charges include Conspiracy, Bank Fraud, False Statement on Loan and Credit Application, Unlawful Monetary Transactions, and Aiding and Abetting and Causing an Act to be Done. (video below)

NOTE: The public does NOT know about this until next summer.  Congresspeople questioned by George Webb and other reporters act as if they’ve never heard of “Awan” prior to this revelation in summer 2017

January 16, 2017 — The Awan’s father, Muhammad Shah reportedly dies

January 16, 2017 — The Awan’s father, Muhammad Shah, dies. Previous to this date — The Awan’s father changes his last name and his name moving forward is Muhammad Shah. He wanted to distance himself from his sons. Some point before that date Imran Awan filmed a bizarre video of his father signing a financial document that he correctly anticipated would become subject of fraud allegations.

January 18, 2017 Impersonating his wife, Imran requests international wire of 283k to Pakistan

January 18, 2017 at 12:09 pm — While impersonating his wife, Imran Awan calls from the Longworth House Office Building in the District of Columbia to request an international wire in the amount of $283,000.00, to two individuals in Faisalabad, Pakistan.” Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office is in Longworth House Office Building. When asked about the wire transfer, Awan claims it is for “funeral arrangements.” The wire transfer specialist questioned whether ‘funeral arrangements’ was a sufficient reason for such a large transfer. Awan then changes his reason to ‘purchasing property.’

February 2, 2017 —Luke Rosiak of DCNF Kicks off The Investigative Series: Imran and Relatives become subjects of Criminal Probe

February 2, 2017 — U.S. Capitol Police named Imran Awan and his relatives as subjects of a criminal probe after media reports that the Pakistani’s stepmother alleged in Fairfax County court that he had used high-tech devices to wiretap and extort her. House officials told congressmen the Awan family was the subject of a criminal investigation involving abuses of their congressional posts.

March 1, 2017 — DailyCaller Article Shows 31 House Reps Who Employed the Awans and How Much They Paid

Pakistani Suspects In House IT Probe Received $4 Million From Dem Reps

Strangely enough, many on this list of Awancrats have been the most vocal about either Defending Imran–decrying Islamaphobia from conservative questioners–or attempting to deflect by doubling-down on the now-debunked Russiagate narrative as a way to distract from this investigation.

Andre Carson, Jackie Speier, Gregory Meeks, Ted Lieu, and Yvette Clark being the most notable in this crew, second to DWS herself.

Their behavior is disgusting.  And unacceptable.  There will be consequences.

March 8, 2017 — DailyCaller publishes, “House Staffers In Security Probe Allegedly Kept Stepmom In ‘Captivity’ To Access Offshore Cash”

House Staffers In Security Probe Allegedly Kept Stepmom In ‘Captivity’ To Access Offshore Cash

Of Course, DWS and Greg Meeks accused questioners of islamaphobia as a ‘dodge’; most would agree that it’s immoral to hold your stepmom hostage after tapping her phone, keeping her from her dying husband to trick him into signing over power-of-attorney in order to steal her inheritance, and then threatening to kill her family in PK.  Sayin’

March 15, 2017 — Paul Ryan: House IT Scandal Probe Getting “Outside” Help

U.S. Capitol Police are getting “the kind of help they need from other sources” in their criminal investigation of five Pakistani former information technology aides to dozens of House Democrats, according to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

It’s useful to note that NOTHING HAPPENED in this investigation for MONTHS after this statement, until Luke and George Webb continued to dig, and rumblings of Grassley, Gohmerts started to upset the stonewalling and slowfooting taking place on Capitol Hill.

March 21/22, 2017 — First Major News Outlet RT Late Publishes Breaking Awan Story

5 congressional staffers in criminal probe over unauthorized computer access

Although it says it was published the night before, this story only shows up int he rss feed I monitor every dang day for awan stories around 9:11am or so.  This story is immediately “stepped on” by a Westminster Terror attack in the UK.  Of course the two aren’t related in any way–it’s in the UK!  Let’s put that focus as far from DC as we can…if you get to Siberia, you’ve gone too far and might also be a Trump supporter.

April 6, 2017 — U.S. Capitol Police found a laptop in Rayburn Building that DWS tried frantically to keep prosecutors from examining

5 months.  It took 5 months for us to learn about this.

Source: http://dailycaller.com/2017/09/06/exclusive-did-imran-want-capitol-police-to-find-wasserman-schultzs-laptop/

She changed her story two months later, claiming it was Awan’s laptop — bought with taxpayer funds from her office — and she had never seen it. She said she only sought to protect Awan’s rights. “This was not my laptop,” she said August 3. “I have never seen that laptop. I don’t know what’s on the laptop.”

April 30, 2017 — DailyCaller reports the Awans Threatened to Kidnap Stepmother Gilani’s Relative in Pakistan over Inheritance Feud

Wasserman Schultz IT Guy Threatened Kidnappings For Cash, Court Docs Say

They videotaped the father signing over power-of-attorney, which the internet has indeed seen.  However, the spouse witness line was blank, unsigned, and so the insurance company decided the change to the policy were fraudulent. The nicest guys you’d ever meet, according to Greg Meeks and DWS.

May 4, 2017 — Earliest Mention of Andre Taggart by George Webb in his Video Investigation Series

Earliest Mention of Andre Taggart by George Webb in his Series

* So the other thing I wanted to say is: the term I was looking for if you see treason, and you don’t report it or you don’t step in the way, it’s called *”Misprision“* of treason.

* In no way am I saying that this is this situation with Andre Taggart, the marine I saw doesn’t need to be in any way threatened, or anything like that

* I know he’s going to do the right thing I know he’s going to step up he’s going to tell the truth about this.

* And you know there are very few times in history where it really does come down to one person: This you know kind of a few good men type scenario with the Jack Nicholson thing you want me on that wall–that type of thing.

(Well done, Andre.  Well done)

May 18, 2017 — Debbie Wasserman-Schultz admitted she’s violated IT policy for years, blames Admin officer; Threatens Police Chief Verderosa

May 2017 — In an appropriations hearing on Congress’ administrative budget, Debbie Wasserman Schultz admitted she violates official information security policy and blamed the House’s chief administrative officer for not stopping her. She said she had been violating the policies “for years and years and years.” She also sought to find out how much House authorities might know about her internet usage, asking “Are members monitored?”

DWS then continues to threaten the Police Chief for not returning equipment that is the subject of an ongoing investigation.  She says, “There will be consequences”. This threat is significant because DWS controls the Capitol Police Budget

May 21, 2017 — DailyCaller: “House IT Aides Fear Suspects In Hill Breach Are Blackmailing Members With Their Own Data”

A manager at a tech-services company that works with Democratic House offices said he approached congressional offices, offering their services at one-fourth the price of Awan and his Pakistani brothers, but the members declined. At the time, he couldn’t understand why his offers were rejected but now he suspects the Awans exerted some type of leverage over members.

Also, that photo shown is NOT verified to actually be any of the Awans

May 22, 2017 — Awan Stepmother Gilani Says Awans Convinced PK Officials they are “VIPs”, Get their own Motorcade

Sources: Democratic Aide Suspected Of Major Security Breach Under Government Protection In Pakistan

Gilani said in court documents the Awan brothers have convinced Pakistani officials that they are VIPs and travel the country with a police motorcade — an assertion that seemingly gives them a major incentive to seek protection there, as well as raising questions about how the computer jockeys obtained that status.

Other court documents and multiple people involved in various financial disputes with Imran told TheDCNF that he was quick to represent himself as “from the U.S. Congress” in personal matters.

May 2017 — Debbie Wasserman-Schultz admitted she’s violated IT policy for years, blames Admin officer; Threatens Police Chief Verderosa

May 2017 — In an appropriations hearing on Congress’ administrative budget, Debbie Wasserman Schultz admitted she violates official information security policy and blamed the House’s chief administrative officer for not stopping her. She said she had been violating the policies “for years and years and years.” She also sought to find out how much House authorities might know about her internet usage, asking “Are members monitored?”

DWS then continues to threaten the Police Chief for not returning equipment that is the subject of an ongoing investigation.  She says, “There will be consequences”. This threat is significant because DWS controls the Capitol Police Budget

July 17, 2017 — DNC Fraud Lawyer Elizabeth Beck Interview on Infowars — Afraid for her Life, She Blows Open Connections Around Clinton Foundation and Recent Body Counts

From other interviews with George and Jason, we know the Becks to be very funny, animated people who just want the Truth and Justice for their clients–the American people.

Well that attitude abruptly changed with Owen Shroyer’s Infowars interview, as the consequences of the DNC lawsuit–the death of a friend–as well as threats to the Becks (robot voice change DWS) hit a little too close to home.

Here is Elizabeth’s “I’m just a lawyer” moment. We shared in that brave but difficult moment to understand the real impact the deepstate gangsters are having on ordinary people.

We all stand by the Becks’ bravery in speaking out against these criminals who are a threat to every one of us

She’s wrong though about unstoppable ‘the forces of evil’.  There’s more good in the world than bad–that’s why we fight.  It’s just a few bad apples.  The crowd will suss them out. It’s a foregone conclusion.  No brakes: you can’t stop this train of Justice

Fiat justitia ruat caelum

July 24, 2017 —  DWS Finally Fires Imran Awan

July 24, 2017 — Debbie Wasserman Schultz fires Imran Awan. During his employment he made $2,000,000. Of some 25,000 people who have worked in the House since 2010, only 100 have taken home more than Imran. By the end of their employment, the Awan family made $5,000,000 overall.

July 24, 2017 — US Intel Analysts, Kim.com vet “Forensicator’s Metanalysis” of DNC Server Files, Concluding it was a Leak, not a Hack; Thus Destroying Russiagate. MSM 100% Silent.

Key among the findings of the independent forensic investigations is the conclusion that the DNC data was copied onto a storage device at a speed that far exceeds an Internet capability for a remote hack. Of equal importance, the forensics show that the copying was performed on the East coast of the U.S. Thus far, mainstream media have ignored the findings of these independent studies

Source: George Webb’s Webbrain

July 26, 2017 — Imran Awan retains Clinton Lawyer Chris Gowen of GRWS

July 26, 2017 — Imran Awan retains Chris Gowen for council. Chris Gowen: He began his legal life as a public defender but left that job for the Bill Clinton White House. At the time, he also worked for then-Senator Hillary Clinton. Years later, he jumped on board Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, directing advance operations there, according to his biography from his law firm, Gowen Rhoades Winograd & Silva, PLLC. In another bio page, Gowen states he has consulted with former Democratic presidential contenders John Kerry and John Edwards. Another biography, from American University, says Gowen worked with several controversial Clinton projects, including The Clinton Global Initiative, The Clinton Foundation, and The Clinton Health Access Initiative.

July 26, 2017 — DailyCaller’s Mark Tapscott: “Imran Awan’s Lawyer Is Long-time Clinton Associate”

Chris Gowen, Imran Awan’s lawyer, is a long-time campaigner for former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a member of an attorney team that brought a fraudulent lawsuit against energy giant Chevron.

… that’s not just lawyering up, that’s a lawyering rocketship.  But why so much firepower for a simple fraud case?

July 29, 2017 — Rep. Gaetz et al make a new amendment to investigate Clinton immunity deals and Comey’s non-pursuit of prosecution of HRC

July 29, 2017 — Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) and a few fellow Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee effectively replaced the Democrats’ resolution with one of their own. The new amendment asks for an investigation into things like “the propriety and consequence of immunity deals given to possible Hillary Clinton co-conspirators” and “James B. Comey’s refusal to investigate then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding” a number of matters, including many of which may have come directly from r/The_Donald.

August 4-6, 2017 — ACLJ obtained via FOIA 400+ pages related to Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting last summer, released to Public

Timeline of Comey and Lynch Favoritism in Clinton Email Probe

March 2015: Clinton tells reporters she deleted more than 30,000 emails from her personal server related to her work at the State Department because “they were personal and private about matters that I believed were within the scope of my personal privacy”.

August 2015: Following her announcement for candidacy for Presidency, the FBI confirmed its investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server during her tenure as Secretary of State. After a year-long investigation, the FBI reported it recovered more than 17,000 emails deleted or not turned over to the State Department, many of which were work-related.

June 27, 2016: Weeks prior to the Democratic National Committee convention, Lynch and former President Bill Clinton met on a tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona for approximately 30 minutes. The meeting raised questions as to whether the Department of Justice was conducting the Hillary Clinton email investigation impartially.

July 1, 2016: Attorney General Loretta Lynch announces publicly she would accept the FBI’s recommendations regarding Hillary’s Clinton email investigation.

July 2, 2016: Hillary Clinton is interviewed by the FBI for 3.5 hours.

July 5, 2016: FBI Director James Comey gives a rare address regarding Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information, detailing numerous instances of various levels of classified information being mishandled in clear and repeated felony violation of Section 793(f) of the Federal penal code (Title 18). Comey would describe Clinton as “extremely careless” in her duties at State, before announcing the FBI would not be recommending charges against Clinton.

July 6, 2016: Lynch accepted the FBI’s recommendation not to charge Clinton.

July 26, 2016: Clinton accepts the Democratic Party’s nomination after being exposed for having been favored for nomination behind the scenes.

September 28, 2016: After months of defending his decision, Comey once again defended his recommendation in a congressional oversight hearing, infamously stating, “You can call us wrong, but don’t call us weasels. We are not weasels. Whether or not you agree with the result, this was done the way you want it to be done.”

Monday, October 17, 2016: FBI notes reveal Patrick Kennedy, State’s undersecretary for management, pressured the FBI to change classified markings on an email that had been upgraded to “secret”.

October 28, 2016: Comey announced new emails discovered on the laptop of former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, who was married to top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, and that the emails may be related to the FBI’s Clinton email investigation.

November 6, 2016: Two days prior to the presidential election, Comey addressed lawmakers saying that the FBI’s decision not to recommend charges against Clinton still stands.

January 20, 2017: President Donald J. Trump is inaugurated.

February 8, 2017: Jeff Sessions is sworn in as Attorney General.

May 9, 2017: Comey is dismissed by President Donald Trump.

source: https://counterpropa.com/exposed-bombshell-media-coverup-clinton-lynch-tarmac-meeting/

August 5, 2017 — DWS: Anyone who says there’s a Spy Ring in Congress is Racist. Because Bigot.

Forget Facts. Forget mountains of ishy incongruencies.  Ya’ll Racist.

Muslim names are hard. Something something virtue signalling, something something psychological projection, something something smear, something straw man, something adhom, something hide the biscuit

Like a psychological ninja on-the-run, but replace caltrops and smoke grenades for evasive maneuvers with media distractions, hurricanes, and get an operative to run over a crowd of people.  I call that last move  ‘crowdstrike auto’.  Yep that Auto do it.

Of course the problem with using political correctness as a “dodge” is that we’ve seen what comes of that: complacency.  It didn’t work out for the UK, and it wont’ work out for us either



and more

and yet some more

August 9, 2017 — VC Bestor Published, “Awan Spy Ring Run by Gen Petraeus”

VC Bestor, “Awan Spy Ring run by Gen. Petraeus”

Democracy Raised by the Dead is a highly underrated blog that takes breadcrumbs from George Webb, Crowdsource the Truth, the open source researchers and distills it into a compact illustration of the birds eye view, complete with citations.  Delicious citations.  George calls folks like VC “connect the dot-ters”


August 20, 2017 — Daily Caller publishes article “House Democrat’s Office Approved $120k Write-off Linked To Awan Brothers”

August 20, 2017 — Daily Caller publishes article “House Democrat’s Office Approved $120k Write-off Linked To Awan Brothers” regarding former Chief of Staff for Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY) approving write-off. (See “Early 2016” bullet point). The missing equipment tied to Clarke’s office includes many iPhones and iPads. At $800 each, the written-off sum would be enough for 150 items in an office that, according to payroll records, only has 16 employees.

August 23, 2017 — DailyMail.co.uk Publishes Article on Imran “Would Have Done Anything For Money” Awan, Making Several Updated Claims

EXCLUSIVE: Pictured, the Democratic IT aide charged with fraud in Congress ‘hacking’ scandal as relative says he ‘would have done anything’ for money – including selling data

‘They were not living an honest life. They were living like they were gangsters.’  –Syed Ahmed

Imran has an ankle bracelet

Article raises the Democrat count to 60 staffers who have employed the Awans.

The article claims Imran is a naturalized citizen.  This is likely false, given other reports and facts that have emerged in this investigation.

Especially since in subsequent article, Imran reportedly has 2 wives, according to a relative, ‘under islamic law’ living in Virginia with him.  This would be of course illegal in the U.S. So either he’s committed polygamy or he’s still here on an indefinite diplomatic visa as a spy.  He gets to choose.  I’m betting on the latter.

August 24, 2017 — TheGatewayPundit published a list of equipment allegedly obtained from Hawkshead Dr., which–in a subsequent interview–Andre Taggart would neither verify nor deny

NEW PHOTOS of Wasserman Schultz IT Professional Imran Awan and His Indicted Wife Hina Alvi

Notice it says 20 blackberries (ahem hillary’s emails), a BLACKBERRY ENTERPRISE SERVER (ahem hillary’s emails), a DATTO server (ahem hillary’s emails), and an enterprise firewall / IDS appliance and equipment which I estimate to be well over 10-15k.  You know, typical stuff any ole’ IT person like myself that’s not up to something would have laying around.

August 25, 2017 — DNC Fraud Lawsuit is Dismissed

“The ruling of the court?  We found fraud but we can’t test for it.  It’s like it’s like an exterminator saying hey I found a whole bunch of rats down here in your basement but I don’t know how to test for it.  Well how the hell did you find the rats in the first place? The argument was totally specious Jared should immediately appeal this ruling it’s crazy! nuts appeal!” — George Webb

August 29, 2017 — FBI Investigation of Espionage, Blackmail Charges in Awan Case Blocked By Obama DOJ Appointee Who Worked for Holder & Lynch

source: TruePundit

Federal agents believe the Justice Department is meddling in the FBI’s efforts to expand the Imran Awan and Hina Alvi investigation in what appears to be a blatant attempt to shield Democratic members of Congress entangled in the burgeoning criminal case.

That’s because the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia — Channing Phillips — who is running point on the case is likewise a Democrat, appointed by President Barack Obama. Phillips was appointed just months before the grand jury convened to weigh evidence in the Awan case.

FBI agents feel they have amassed crucial evidence to expand the Awan case into a wider investigation of possible espionage and blackmail but the Bureau is getting push back from the US Attorney’s Office in D.C., federal sources confirmed.

August 30, 2017 — TRUEPUNDIT: “FBI Fear Awan Case Was Cleverly Rigged To Protect Obama, Lynch, Holder, Wasserman, Congressional Dems”

source: TruePundit.com

The explosive Awan case could also possibly implicate Obama as well as former attorneys general Holder and Lynch. Those tenets have not been lost on veteran federal agents with knowledge of the evidence unfolding in this complicated case against a family of alleged Pakistani IT gurus linked to dozens of Congressional Democrats, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

“He (Phillips) could be protecting Holder, Lynch and Obama depending how deep this mess is,” a FBI insider said. “He may have been appointed for the sole purpose of quashing this case.”

FBI agents feel they have amassed crucial evidence to expand the Awan case into a wider investigation of possible espionage and blackmail but the Bureau is getting push back from the US Attorney’s Office in D.C., federal sources confirmed.

President Trump has nominated Jesse Liu as the new US Attorney to replace Phillips, the Obama holdover. However, Schumer and senate Democrats have stalled Liu’s confirmation.

August 30, 2017 — Judge Tanya Chutkan Presiding over Both Awan and FusionGPS Dossier Cases, Refuses to hear George Webb, Grants Protective Orders for Awans

Judge Tanya Chutkan (Awan and FusionGPS Dossier), Refused to hear George Webb, Grants Protective Orders for Awans. 2 Yrs Ago she complained about FOIA obstructionism. What changed?

Judge Tanya Chutkan has

1) Delayed or ‘lost’; and denied George Webb’s filing of motions to intervene on valid merits

2) In the denial, She used a ‘not a journalist’ basis which is fraudulent. George has been a journalist for 320+ days, and even the press recognizes it as so (see trello board 30+ media mentions of ‘investigative journalist’).

There are no ‘official’ or ‘legal’ certifications for being a ‘journalist’ other than calling oneself a journalist and practicing journalism…he’s over 5TB of data to prove he’s a journalist.  Citizen journalism and video journalism are valid forms of journalism in the court of public opinion and language and if that doesn’t count then nothing counts.

This very process he is documenting IS JOURNALISM.  Get over yourself, Judge Chutkan, or you’re going to be held by the public in contempt of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of the press; it grants standing in the case of national security; and implicitly grants the right to convene a Grand Jury

The most salient feature about this situation is that Not 2 years prior to this denial-of-journalism attack, the same Judge Tanya Chutkin virtue-signaled very strongly and publicly condemning obstructionism and slow-footing with regard to FOIA requests.  Is she a fake?  Is she a shill for the corrupt establishment? or an enormous hypocrite?  Review her complaint and decide for yourself.

August 30, 2017 — TheINTERCEPT publishes a story about the US Ambassador to UAE Otaiba’s Diplomatic Entitlements to DrugRape Children


Did you know that there was a “hidden royalty” in the US?  That there was a “Diplomatic underground” of emirates coming in, throwing money around and pedodrugraping kids, with a flimsy consent form “I, Insert Dumb girl’s name here, do give consent…”

The lifestyle described in the Intercept article matches nearly exactly the type of lifestyle described by others about Abid Awan and Imran Awan, flashy, throwing his money and power around, a show-off.  Balking at speeding tickets and DUIs because “I got a diplomatic visa, ya’ll”

Sept 1, 2017 — Bulgarian Journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva Fired for Reporting how CIA ran Weapons to Al-Queda in Syria through Azerbaijan

Fired for not revealing her sources.  Way to go Dilyana.  Sorry you were canned.  Wikileaks should hire you.  Silk Way Airlines and DIPLOMATIC shipping, with Bulgaria as the country of origin.  Bigger scheme involving US, Saudi, UAE, European countries and Azerbaijan.

This is included in the Awan Timeline because Awans have ties to UAE and CIA

Sept 1, 2017 — Indiana ABC Affiliate posts video of Andre Carson Distancing Himself from Imran, referring to Imran as “AZIZ”, splitting hairs on what is “Staff”, trying to gaslight the public into thinking he didn’t pay for Imran. He did.

We get it Andre:  Muslim Names are Hard.  Especially to “Islamaphobes of the Daily Caller”.  (Dick)

Or is Aziz Imran’s REAL name?  Hmmm… did you let the cat out of the bag, Andre? And was it on purpose? Or not.  Either way, you’re in trubs, Andre.  Big things to happen.

September 5, 2017 — Washington Examiner publishes information on Congressional subpoena of DOJ / FBI over Trump dossier

The subpoenas are the result of a months-long process of committee investigators requesting information from the FBI and Justice Department. Beginning in May, the committee sent multiple letters to the FBI and Justice requesting information concerning the Trump-Russia affair.

“We got nothing,” said committee member Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., who is taking a leading role in the Russia investigation. “The witnesses have not been produced and the documents have not been produced.”

“A subpoena is a tool of last resort in Congress,” Gowdy, a former federal prosecutor, said.

September 7, 2017 — Adjusting the Optics of Obstructionism, Sessions and Wray Throw their Staff Under the Bus

“Subpoena delays are our staffs fault, not ours” — Way to be Accountable, Leadership.

You’re the FBI, Wray.  Better Investigate and fire people.  If you don’t, then you’re gaslighting us.  Ok?  YOU are the one dragging feed on subpoena.  We know you went to Yale.  We’re onto you.  Your whole agenda is completely transparent.


September 7, 2017 — Imran was still Backing up Congressional Data After He was Banned From Congress. Awoo woo!

A new Daily Caller article emerges after George Webb offers up a very valid working theory of Imran surrogates ‘running a wire’ over the ceiling to a congressional closet where a ‘planted bag’ (no, dropped bag) of Imran-damning evidence was reportedly found. His theory suggests the laptop was used in that obsolete phone closet to subvert the secure system and exfiltrate nighly backup data from a connected backup server in the high voltage room to the Hawkshead house.

Shortly after Webb publishes this theory on youtube, Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller published an article, around midnight or so, saying OH YES, the Prosecution says, THERE WAS AN EXTERNAL BACKUP. UM. YEAH LETS ADD THAT TO DISCOVERY.

Between Daily Caller and True Pundit articles, George has consistently demonstrated a pattern of forcing officials and deep state ‘narrative revisionists and contortionists’ to respond to his investigation’s findings, and not helping him or presenting any new revelatory information of their own initiative. Why is that? One might dare to call it slow-footing.  Another might call it obstructionism.  Some few may even call it Gaslighting.

September 7, 2017 — In Defense of the Political Elite Caste, Frmr Spy Ring Revelator Louie Gohmert Flipped by False Optics of DWS as Victim // a Pawn Sacrifice of Imran

[911Bodysnatchers322 Op-Ed]

Louie Gohmert would NOW have you believe that DWS is a victim of a cunning manipulator who has essentially ‘cuckholded’ her, and thus is not culpable for any part of this spy ring.  Problem with that is that we have their emails, and we know they’ve been using a private email server illegally.

Now if you buy this new Gohmert narrative, then you don’t understand that Politicians have historically used people-of-color as human shields to their advantage, using social justice as a shield or a weapon–depending on the context. 

Gohmert believes the public is so stupid it will ignore the mountains of evidence that implicate DWS on this timeline…as well as the 31 AwanCrats as willing participants in this spy ring. 

That said, yes, it’s possible they are not the orchestrators but victims of blackmail leverage–the fact remains they were tacitly complicit and deeply cowardly. We know who was running this spy ring.  It’s Hillary

But because of their cowardliness, corruption, these politicians have steadily signed away OUR rights, incrementally, for decades; because they could not help but allow corruption to rule their lives and for avarice to tempt them into wrongdoing.

September 7, 2017 — George Webb’s Analysis of DailyCallers’, “Did Imran Want Police to Find DWS’ Laptop?” Article

The thing is when you get the leaks, when people leak stuff out to you, got to realize that they want you to tell their version of events. They don’t want you doing this [digging deeper]. They don’t want you looking at who else had a motive for proving their innocence. They don’t want to look at who else had control of this floor. They don’t want you going through any of this analysis. They want you to write the article that says, “I think Imran planted the evidence about himself,” right? –George Webb, in a cautionary statement to Spoonfed Journalists

* You could say that the person who committed the crime put the evidence there to incriminate themselves, which is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life
* Or you can say the person who was innocent, who was going to be blamed for the crime, put evidence there to prove their innocence, which makes complete sense, complete sense

* Yes all thieves they go plant stuff when they when they commit a crime, they go back to the scene of the crime and they plant stuff
* So this is a serious thing
* I mean I think it’s been reported on Infowars
* It’s been reported in Daily Caller
* It’s been reported in all these different news outlets that the conspirators we’re gonna go back to the scene of the crime and plant stuff
* No no that’s not what happened
* It’s a dropped bag it’s a dropped bag when conspirators are in the middle of stealing crap they drop the bag they think they’re gonna get caught

* Now the letter [allegedly FROM IMRAN] to the US Attorney I believe it’s gonna be written by Mensa, saying, hey look I found this equipment here I was on a on a random whatever going through doing my random checks I saw this equipment here wasn’t spoken for seems out of place boom here’s a letter to the US Attorney
* You want that to be found if you don’t trust the US Attorney
* If you sent something the US Attorney and…you thought well maybe Steve Wasserman works at the US Attorney’s Office I’m not so sure, or, Channing Phillips works out with the unit US Attorney’s office I’m not so sure I want to be turning my and all this stuff into them–I think I also want the Capitol Police to have a copy of this US Attorney’s letter
* ***This is really going to be a fly in the ointment with the US attorney because it proves without a shadow of a doubt that Mensa was acting as a good guy here***

911bs: Coupled with all the mountains of evidence left along with the forged letter, Imran is caught dead-to-rights, but Mensa (or whomever) has left a breadcrumb for anyone who is doing ‘actual’ intelligence analysis that would exonerate him, without revealing his cover.  Smart whistleblower trick that uses plausible deniabilty so that the “diplomatic underground’ won’t, you know, murder you.

September 12, 2017 — FBI Says Imran Awan’s Security Clearances were “Forged”

At this point, it would appear that Imran Awan, our friendly neighborhood liaison loophole fbi-cia joint spy installed in congress, is being now thrown under the bus by the same.  No honor among thieves, they say.

Notice the timing of the Lou Dobbs “Big news from DWS” and then this story follows immediately thereafter.

An unusual amount of AWAN postings happened on TruePundit on this day.  Could simply be from getting past 9/11 reportage and returning to the more pressing business of the day.

September 14, 2017 — We find out FBI Paid $100K+ For PeePee Dossier, which was leveraged to Gaslight FISA Court, leveraged to initiate RussiaGate Probe Of President Trump

This is included on the AWAN timeline because you have to understand that the FBI is FAR TOO BUSY CREATING FAKE CRIME to actually do their F*(#&@(# Job, which is to eliminate the now-obvious AWAN SPY RING IN THE CONGRESS.

Also, they are too busy NOT releasing Hillary, Abedin’s, Awan’s server contents so that the crowd can figure it out (since they don’t have the time—again too busy creating fake crimes like peeppee dossier, jallohs, christmas tree bombing, etc).  They are also too busy NOT releasing Clinton Foundation hidden donor network, or open society foundation recipient networks.  They are too busy to properly fulfill FOIA requests of watchdog groups like Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, as well as investigative journalists.  They are too busy to actually seize crowdstrike servers as implements of election related crime, which is actually considered espionage because it’s a fraud perpetrated against the US Government and its infrastructure

All of these gripes are actually directly related to the Awans as well. You’ll see. The common denom IS the fbi, cia and intelligence community in america.